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Hi! I am so glad you are here! 

I am Carly, or "Charles" as most of my pals call me. I am the creator of Charley Charles. We are a small shop that specializes in handcrafted, high quality, functional, goods for your baby and home. Most products are hand crafted from our signature gauze fabrics. I started this business almost 10 years ago when I began making baby products for my own daughters (now 12 and 8). Each item sold in our shop was created because it is something that I needed and could't find. Being super particular about what I spend my money on, I didn't want to buy something if I wasn't positive it was going to work and look the way I wanted. You shouldn't settle either. Luckily Charley Charles is here to help!! When you purchase from our shop, you are truly shopping small and directly supporting my family, and the wonderful families who work to support the production of our goods and keep this shop running. 


See, I am a real person! I happen to be a turbo introvert though, so you likely won't see much more than this photo. 


We now have a small shop located in Grand Rapids, MI where we make everything by hand from the highest quality gauze fabric. You can find us at 401 Hall SW STE152B, Grand Rapids, MI 49707 (see home page for store hours)