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Why choose cotton gauze?

Why choose cotton gauze? - Charley Charles

Cotton gauze, also referred to as Muslin, is an amazing product. Soft natural cotton fibers are woven to make sheets of cotton fabric. These sheets are connected by tiny pin dot stitches to form thicker sheets called Double Gauze. This double gauze can be made in to thicker fabric using the same method. Constructing the fabric this way allows the fabric to feel thick, but still be breathable. 

Because of the loose weave and the nature of their construction. Gauze fabrics get signature crinkle pattern after washing. The fibers contract to create a waffle like texture. This texture aids in absorbency, and gives the fabric its distinct look. 

Gauze fabric is wonderful to use for baby products as it is soft, and absorbent. The moisture is wicked quickly by the natural cotton fibers, and stored in the multiple layers. Due to the loose weave, it dries quickly. This make it ideal for baby products such as bibs, burping cloths, and swaddle blankets. 

Cotton gauze is also ideal for towels as it grabs moisture and dries quickly. The crinkle texture adds a high end look to everyday home products like towels and napkins. 

Making bedding such as pillowcases and blankets is also ideal. The breathability keeps you cool while sleeping. The fluffy texture only gets softer with time and washing. 

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